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Congratulations Graduates

Fairfield Central High School Griffins .......Soar!

Scholarships Received --- $12,369,415.29

Over 900 College Hours Earned

158 Students Earned High School Diplomas

Over 115 Students Accepted to College, University, or Technical College

17 Students Graduated From Midlands Technical College Prior to High School Graduation

47 Students Career Ready For Workforce

4 Students Joining The United States Armed Forces

4 Students Named Palmetto Fellows

Signing day at fctc
Story by: Dr. G. Cleve PilotDirector, FCTC

First Annual Industry Signing Day

As students prepare for graduation, the thought of leaving high school and transitioning into the real world is still a distant reality to most. As students walk the hallways, all they hear during that last month of school is “Where are you going next year? What school are you going to? What are your plans?” Most students tend to give the same old answer: “I’m going to college.”

For these eight students who completed a CATE program or who completed several CATE courses at Fairfield Career and Technology Center, their answer will sound a lot different from most of their peers.....

Happy fathers day

Father’s Day Spotlight

My Dad, My Hero

Raise the minimum wage

Minimum Wage Should Increase

Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (such as one with a labor union). Th is is the lowest amount of pay that a worker can receive. Minimum wage for the state South Carolina is $7.25. Perhaps, minimum wage should increase to at least $15 per hour. Some believe that if minimum wage increased, it would cause infl ation. Prices on many commodities are rising. Many factors are contributing to the current rise in gas prices. Currently, President Trump’s decided to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Th is withdrawal, and the ensuing sanctions, may limit the country’s oil...