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Speakers @ Element Celebration
Story by: Gerell LawhorneStudent Journalist

"We Are A Family"

Element TV, LLC of Winnsboro, SC formally celebrated its five-year anniversary of operations with the community on Friday, April 12. The celebration took place at 11:30 a.m. with their employees and officials from the state, county, town, and school district. The Fairfield Central High School Golden Griffin Marching Band, Southern Sass, and cheerleaders provided the entertainment. Mr. Carl Kennedy, Vice President of Operations, stated....

Deputy Truesdale


Officer Goins and Deputy Truesdale served customers at the TIP-A-COP fundraiser for Special Olympics at Bannisters Restaurant on April 4th. The Fairfield County Sheriff ’s Department and Winnsboro Public Safety collaborated to raise funds for the 28,902 athletes in South Carolina. The event raised $1,318.00.

Brunson named FMS Principal

Jamie Brunson, currently the assistant principal at Fairfield Central High School, has been tapped to elevate to the title of Principal at Fairfield Middle School, in what will be his 7th year with the district. Brunson, a native of Cameron, SC and a graduate of South Carolina State University, plans to establish and nurture positive and productive relationships with the members of....

Story by: Patricia ArmstrongContributor

Senior Spotlight 4/17

“Th ere’s always a ram in the bush!” This is something my mother has said again and again, and the older I get the more I realize how true it is. It is also a truth about her life—an amazing, lively and energetic life. Th e truth is, my mother can be so funny, and she uses humor to make people feel welcome and to teach some of the salient truths in life. But her humor is part of what makes her the unique, outspoken,....

Story by: Lisa BrandenburgContributor

Fairfield County Places & Things

The first residents of Fairfield County were the Native Americans. Their heritage can be traced to 1300. Our county was used as their hunting preserve. Gathering was easy here with the fertile soil, fair fields, and the fabulous river systems of the Catawba and Broad Rivers. Th is was long before the arrival of the first Europeans in 1740. Arrowheads and pottery can still be found today in Fairfield County.

Story by: Tracie SwilleyContributor

STEM Signing Day

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, ninety students were chosen out of more than three hundred-fi ft y applicants from the State of South Carolina, to participate in STEM Signing Day which was held at the University of South Carolina Alumni Center in Columbia. Boeing, BMW Group Plant Spartanburg, South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance, and Tallo were event sponsors. Two seniors from Fairfi eld Central High School,...

McMillan wins Book Challenge

Myah’s Energy Enlightenment, by Myah McMillan, was selected as the winner of the 2019 Children’s Book Challenge, sponsored by EnlightenSC—an educa tional initiative of the state’s independent, consumer-owned electric cooperatives. The competition challenges fifth grade students to write and illustrate stories that focus on the impact of electricity in his or her life, communities and the state.

Story by: Demairus GaitherContributor

What’s New in Gmail?

Google has recently launched a redesign of its popular Gmail interface. These changes can be found in the mobile and desktop versions of this application. Below are a few of the new features you should try. More tips and tricks for Gmail can be viewed on the following website....

Alumni Of Fairfield Central High School returning for Career Day
Story by: Gerell Lawhorne & Jamara GreenStudent Journalists

Fairfield Alumni Return

On Thursday, April 10th, several Fairfield Central Alumni returned for the 2019 Fairfield Middle School Career day. The students day started by visiting different occupations. The careers ranged from attorneys to entrepreneurs to clothing store representatives. The students got the chance to step into the shoes of the career representatives, literally! In the 400 hall, students got to dress help like Sergeant Brett Roberts. While wearing his attire, he told his experiences.....