Presidential Election 2020

With the 2020 presidential election approaching, many high school seniors, like myself, are beginning to research the presidential candidates. It is finally time for our generation of leaders to have a voice in arguably the most important periodic election, the presidential election. With an overwhelming number of Democratic candidates, and recent difficulties in our current presidency, millennials are faced with a difficult decision. Fortunately, this process can be broken down and there are a few standouts to South Carolina citizens.

Candidates Kamala Harris and Corey Booker have both visited South Carolina frequently. Both candidates have spent time in the state’s capital, Columbia, South Carolina, and have visited or planned to visit the upstate. February 10th, 2019, Senator Cory Booker launched his Democratic Presidential Campaign at Fairfield Central High School in Winnsboro, South Carolina. He emphasized the importance of unity and his support of rural communities like ours. His campaign has continued through South Carolina State University and Rock Hill South Carolina. Harris has made many visits to Columbia, South Carolina. Visiting the Capital City Club and the Pink Ice Gala, both held in Columbia, Harris also focused on unity. Both candidates have targeted diverse environments in South Carolina throughout their campaign trail.

While there are many new faces in this campaign, there are also a few familiar ones. Senator Bernie Sanders, a US Senator from Vermont, is planning his campaign for the 2020 presidential election. Sanders also ran in the 2016 presidential election but lost in the primaries to Hillary Clinton. While Sanders “Feel the Bern” campaign was popular among millennials in 2016, Sanders is losing a lot of his support to recent sexual assault allegations during his 2016 campaign. Many of Sanders top male campaign staffers were accused of sexually assaulting female campaign staffers. Sanders was also accused of knowing of the actions of his staffers but “turning a blind eye”. Despite the campaign scandals, Sanders still has the same ambitious plans for his 2020 presidency. He plans to continue to pursue tuition free college, a $15 minimum wage, and Medicare for all.

The returning presidential candidate has also lost many of his supporters to one popular and familiar face. After much speculation, former Vice President Joe Biden officially launched his campaign in April of 2019. To many, Biden is the clear front runner. Biden gained his popularity during former President Barack Obama’s presidency. Despite Biden facing his own sexual assault allegations, many African American voters and millennials that were supporting Sanders have decided Biden is the best candidate. While being referred to by many candidates as “Uncle Joe”, Biden has expressed his support for Middle-class Tax Reform, The Paris Agreement, and addressing regional in equality to strengthen the middle class. While Biden’s policies are appealing, many supporters are drawn to his relatable nature.