The Bigger Picture

Story by: Gerell LawhorneStudent Journalist

As humans, we tend to not see the bigger picture. In the heat of the moment, we only see what we want to. It isn’t until something serious occurs that we begin to sit back and realize the magnitude of what has happened. Maybe we think about how we could’ve prevented it from happening, or what action could’ve been taken. We humans can be dealing with a situation that we know needs to be solved, but instead we continue on with our lives like it is nothing. Deep down, more than likely, it means everything. People continue to do wrong things to each. For example some people pretend to be a friend when that person is around, but then backstab them, or hold a grudge against them because of what they caused or a mistake they made. The bigger picture is that we should talk about our problems. We shouldn’t act different when we’re around our “friends.” It isn’t until something happens, we want to speak. We feel guilty and want to take back all of the wrong we’ve done.

To give you an example, people die everyday. You have a best friend that you met. You both are doing well in life and plan to attend the same college. Time goes by, life is great and then you get into an argument with your best friend. Everytime you think about them, you reflect on what cause your friendship to disconnect. Of course, we often see things from our own perspective and think we are always right. Weeks go by. You still haven’t made up with your best friend. You both are still holding a grudge against other. So instead of forgiving each other, you continue on separate roads. You then hear from some of your other friends that your best friend was in a fatal car accident. You pause, stop what you’re doing. Your heart leave your body, shocked in awe. Hours go by and you find out your best friend has been declared dead. The only thing you can do is weep in sorrow and despair. You’re now reflecting on life. Reflecting on how you would have and should have agreed to disagree with your side of the argument. You can no longer apologize to that person because they’re gone. Now you’re left feeling regretful and you know that your best friend will never know.

This simple example shows how we operate. How we think and react to situations in ones such as these. Unfortunately, this is what has to occur in order for us to respond how we should have from the beginning. If we just begin to look at the bigger picture, only then we will be able to get through life situations such as this one. The bigger picture is the key. Live each day like it may be your last, and do not miss an opportunity to tell someone you care.