Appreciations Luncheon

Appreciation Luncheon for First Responders

Husband and wife duo, Norman and Debra Seibles, hosted the First Responders Appreciation Luncheon at the Carolina Center for Events and Conferences on Friday, September 27 at 11:30 a.m. Mr. Norman Seibles is a retired law enforcement officer having spent 38 1/2 years in the fi eld. He initially entered the profession as an offi cer with the Town of Ridgeway in 1977. Additionally, he had experiences with the Winnsboro Police Department, Fairfi eld County Sheriff 's Department, and the Department of Public Safety in the Bureau of Protective Services. While employed with Protective Services, he had the privilege of serving in the Governor's Mansion and the South Carolina State Supreme Court. Th ere was representation from all divisions of fi rst responders to include, the Highway Patrol, Fairfield County Sheriff 's Office, Winnsboro Police Department, Fairfi eld County EMS, and the Fairfield County Fire Services. Mr. Seibles indicated that he wanted to show our fi rst responders how much they are appreciated and provide them an opportunity to get to know one another. Mrs. Debra Seibles was asked if she had any thoughts she would like to share relative to the event. Her reply was, "My husband does the talking, and I do the cooking." Mrs. Seibles was assisted in preparing the food by Ms. Margie Simmons.