Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Story by: Krishayla BoydStudent Journalist

Ross Brown Truesdale, Jr. was born on August 1, 1946, in Winnsboro, SC. When he was younger he attended Everick School and Winnsboro High. Mr. Truesdale has lived in the Winnsboro area all his life. He currently does not attend church, but when he did attend he went to Nazarene.

Thirty years ago he was a truck driver for the Winnsboro Patrol and also a carpenter. Mr. Truesdale believes one thing that makes him unique is the love and passion he has for his grandchildren and that he doesn’t take any tolerance from anybody. In his free time he enjoys fixing on and exploring the mechanical aspects of old cars.

When asked what gives his life purpose, he states, “I’m not a driven person but when I do something I always give 100% effort.” Some important advice he would like to give teenagers in today’s generation would be to stay in school, get a good education, and stay off drugs.

Mr. Truesdale wants to be remembered as a man who is helpful, loving, and friendly, in addition to being a man who cared for his family and did everything he could for them.