Town Hall Meeting

Great Turnout for Town Hall Meeting

Story By: Dr. J.R. GreenSuperintendent, Fairfield County Schools

I was very excited about the community participation at last night's town hall meeting. It appeared that we had 50-60 students, parents, and community members in attendance. Several questions centered around the partnership/communication that should exist between parents, students, and teachers. A few parents expressed that teachers should more consistently update grades in Parent Portal. I reiterated that the district expectation is that teachers update grades at least weekly. If parents observe that this is not occurring, please contact the principal. If their concerns are not resolved, I ask that they please give me a call.

Overall, parents expressed satisfaction with the opportunities provided by the Fairfield County School District.

A parent who recently moved to the community shared that she was particularly impressed with the academic culture she has witnessed in the district and is happy to have her children be apart of our system.

Finally, there was an enlightening discussion around the education finance reform proposal. This proposal effectively redistributes local tax dollars from districts with substantial industry and redistributes those dollars to districts with little industry. Twenty six schools districts potentially lose money depending on the model adopted. The Fairfield County School District loses between $1.5 million and $6 million dollars, depending on the model adopted. Senator Fanning was in attendance and reiterated his commitment to fighting this proposal.