Mr. Sidney Squirewell

Veteran Senior Spotlight

This week, we are still honoring Fairfield County veterans for their service to our country.

Mr. Sidney Squirewell was born May 21, 1918 in Fairfield County, South Carolina in the town of Ridgeway. He is the fifth child of 8 children born to James Preston and Clara Lee Squirewell. His father farmed, and was a worker of the land. Mr. Squirewell attended school at a parochial school located behind the current location of St Mark Baptist Church. He attends St. Mark Baptist Church.

Mr. Squirewell served in the army branch of the United States Armed Forces where he accepted his duty to fight in WWII to protect the United States of America. Prior to being drafted at age 25, Mr. Squirewell worked in Columbia, SC at Fort Jackson directing traffic and helping build barracks. He was drafted into the Army branch of services in December 1943 and received training in Fort Bragg, NC. After recuperating from the mumps, he was shipped to Cheyenne, Wyoming and then to Seattle, Washington. From there, he was assigned duties outside of the contiguous United States, which was Hawaii in 1944. His unit traveled by ship to Angaur Island and from there he was stationed in Saipan. While there, he served guard duty and performed sewing duties. According to Sidney, Saipan was a hot area where he participated in fighting firsthand. He served in Saipan until the war ended. His unit was then shipped to Okinawa to help ready the island for settlement. While in Okinawa, his unit also helped with the clean-up efforts there after a typhoon killed over 1,300 people. The typhoon was one of several close calls for him. He and a buddy took shelter behind a brick wall for hours while they waited out the typhoon.

After this assignment, Mr. Squirewell was shipped back to the U.S., landing in Oakland, California, then to Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia at the Fort McPherson base; he was discharged from the Army in April 1946. PFC Sidney Squirewell served as quartermaster during his years in the Armed Forces in the 3065th company.

After serving in U.S. army, Sidney Squirewell returned home and married Henrietta Shannon Squirewell. They are blessed with seven children, along with grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. He loves his family and family gatherings with lots of laughter and singing--always giving honor to God for all of His blessings. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. Mr. Sidney had a lifelong career in carpentry and home building. He always believes in being happy and loving. He encourages people to smile and be happy! "If you can’t be happy, you are in deep trouble!" he expresses.