Championship Team

Fairfield Parks and Rec Team Wins Championship

Our staff had the opportunity to interview Mr Russell Price, Director of Fairfield County Parks and Recreation, and Mr. Lucas Vance, the Athletics Coordinator, about their big accomplishment and how grateful they are for the Fairfield community!

On Monday, November 18th, the Fairfield Spartans celebrated a victory over the Fairfield Buckeyes, winning the first county championship.

Mr. Price starts off by acknowledging how much he appreciates the community coming together and for Parks and Recreation and Fairfield County School District providing amazing opportunities for the children. Mr. Price and Mr. Vance are both specifically grateful for the partnership they have with Dr. J.R. Green, Principal Tracie Swilley, and Coach Demetrius Davis who all helped bring everything together. Mr. Price also thanks Chairman Neil Robinson for his contributions. "We are proud of our staff, because without their vision, none of this would be possible," expressed Mr. Price. Mr. Vance believes that when they envisioned doing the county championship, they wanted to try to provide a real Friday night atmosphere for the children, which they did!

Mr. Vance states how they are really blessed to have been able to play on the brand new turf of Fairfield Central High School's football field. They highlighted the jumbotron, where they were able to showcase the teams' logos, along with the logo of Fairfield County Parks of Recreation. "We could not have asked for a better partnership ... the night was amazing!" Price and Vance expressed.

Mr. Price shared that he has been out of recreation for almost thirty years, and other parks do not receive the type of support they received Monday night. Other school districts do not have a working relationship with their community like Fairfield County does, which is noteworthy to say the least. When you work together, good things can happen, Mr. Price explained.

We asked Mr. Price and Mr. Vance, "What are some of the main lessons you want the youth to learn and be able to apply as they grow older?" they responded: “Doing things right, showing good sportsmanship and listening to your coaches.” They also believe that you have to be able to listen at home and take care of your school work so that you can play on the field.

Our staff also asked, "What do you feel is your greatest personal reward in what you do with Fairfield's youth?" They feel their greatest accomplishment is seeing how happy the children were throughout the season. Mr. Vance says that every Monday night was like a Friday night atmosphere for them. For Mr. Russell, he has been working with Parks and Recreation for a long time, and being able to experience this accomplishment has made him realize that they've come so far. Mr. Russel and Mr. Vance could not be any prouder of the children for what they have accomplished!

“They say that we put on a good show, but I believe it was better than good!" said Mr. Vance. One thing they both want to take from this accomplishment and share with others is to "dream big and you can conquer anything!"