Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Mrs. Pinkey Dukes has not always lived in Winnsboro. When she was a little girl, she grew up on a farm in the Blair area. She attended Winnsboro High School and Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC; there, she made friends from all over South Carolina. She studied to be an English teacher because of the wonderful English teachers she had during her elementary and high school experiences.

After college, Mrs. Dukes went to teach at a little place in Orangeburg County called Branchville. Later, she and her husband moved to San Diego, California for about a year. When her husband completed his service in the Navy, they moved to Cayce, a city in Richland and Lexington counties. She taught there and completed her Master’s in education at USC. She also completed additional graduate work that afforded her to work in Administration. One of her experiences in administration was at Geiger Elementary School, and during that time, there were not a lot of women administrators.

In 1978, Mrs. Dukes and her husband relocated to Winnsboro, SC where they both found jobs they loved--her husband, a Chemistry teacher, while she was an English teacher. They attended Trinity United Methodist Church in Blythewood, SC, as they wanted a church that was involved in helping people in the community and in other countries.

In her free time, Mrs.Dukes likes to hang out with her children and grandchildren. She also likes to travel and has been to many places in the western part of the United States. She also likes to read. Recently, Mrs. Dukes got interested in photography and her passion is rock collecting.

When asked what makes her unique, she said her "family name," and she "really adores it." She shared that she has an aunt and a cousin who are also named Pinkey, so she feels really good about that.

Her advice to today’s generation is, “You should be open to change and flexible to new ideas.” She believes that having all of her family close to home and being a part of the community helps give her life purpose. "I want to be remembered as a person who cares a lot about other people and tries to help them to the best of my ability," she concluded.