Veteran Senior Spotlight

Veteran Senior Spotlight

As is appropriate for this week's newspaper, we honor Deacon Gibson as a veteran for his service in the United States Army. While serving, he specialized in the welding and home improvement capacities.

Deacon Thomas Gibson was born on November 19, 1918. He was born in Ridgeway, South Carolina, has four siblings, seven sons, seven grandchildren, and is a member of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church where he attends Sunday School and sings with the choir every Sunday.

Deacon Gibson is an excellent representation of what it means to be a responsible, respectful, loving, and cheerful citizen to his community.

Because Deacon Gibson was born during a time that would seen very foreign to today's 21st century generation, he has witnessed drastic changes in this nation and around the world. He has witnessed 18 presidents and two world wars. He believes that the secret to his long, fulfilling life is to "Do the best that you can in all that you do ... keep your faith in the Lord."

We thank you for your service to our country, Deacon Gibson!