WLTX Teacher of the Week

WLTX Teacher of the Week

Lights, Camera, Action! ... no, wait, and Tears! Ms. Melissa Greene was surprised by the WLTX news team walking into her classroom with the announcement that she was their WLTX Teacher of the Week. “These are tears of joy. I am surprised about the nomination. I love my students. I am honored to prepare them for the future,” said Greene.

Serving as a first-year career specialist with the Fairfield County School District, Ms. Greene has worked as an educator for twelve years. Her goal is to get students to understand different career paths and find a career that fits their future.

According to WLTX writer, Darci Strickland, "Teaching comes easy for Mrs. Greene but she admits that when she was about the same age as her students, she realized that she had a reading comprehension learning disability. Through the help of her teacher and parents, she was able to develop strategies that helped her overcome the challenge. Mrs. Greene says she uses some of those same strategies to help her students.

"Thank you to the group of people that nominated me for WLTX Teacher of the Week," Ms. Green said.

She goes on to say, "I am incredibly grateful and overjoyed for being recognized. I am thankful for the opportunity to inspire students daily. Every day is a new day with new opportunities to make a difference in a child’s life. Knowledge is powerful, and we must continue teaching our children in and out of the classroom. To Fairfield County School District, thank you for the opportunity to inspire and teach our talented students in the district. The sky is limit for them. They are our future!"