Kelly Miller Elementary Students at Coker University Day of Dance

Story by: Joy ScottKMES

On Friday January 31st, twenty-eight students (2nd-6th Grade) from Kelly Miller Elementary arrived at Coker University's campus in Hartsville, SC, eager to learn and observe some different dance styles from college professors and students. Students participated in classes like jazz, hip-hop, voguing, yoga, creative dance for multiple abilities, and ballet. In addition, students were allotted the opportunity to view a special performance put on by Coker students and faculty. Th e works ranged from modern and post modern dance styles to hip-hop.

After the performance, students were able to engage in a short analytical discussion about the pieces they had seen. Th is discussion was led by the Coker University dance faculty and students. Not only did this field study address dance standards--like "I can learn a codified dance technique," "I can analyze a dance based on my own interpretation," and "I can identify and demonstrate locomotor moments in space"--but much like the KMES way, these royal tigers connected the ideology of perseverance while participating in a long day of dance classes. Th e students made connections to the academic classroom by understanding not to give up when they are tired and/or don't know something right away, such as finishing classwork.

This awesome experience gave students more exposure to dance and an increased appreciation and respect for the art form.