Paris Here I Come!

Story by: Krishauyla BoydStudent Journalist

Imagine leaving the country to go somewhere very fascinating. It’s your first time getting on a plane and you’re going away from home for two weeks. How would you feel? May 22nd through June 1st I will be taking my first trip to Paris and London. I am very excited and blessed to be given the opportunity to go on this trip. Going away from home for two weeks to another country is a little scary, because I’m going to be away from my family. However, you only live once, so why not experience different things and explore. We will depart from Charlotte, headed to New York, then finally land in London. At the conclusion of our visit, we will depart from Paris to New York, and back to Charlotte. One thing that I’m going to struggle with, will be the packing! Our bags have to weigh 50 pounds or less, and if it doesn’t meet this requirement you won’t be able to board the plane!

Day 1, we will arrive in London. Day 2, we will have a walking tour of London and visit the London Eye. Day 3, we will continue sightseeing the London attractions, and also visit the Natural History Museum or Science Museum. Day 4 is Forensics Workshop day. Day 5, we will do another workshop close to Stonehenge. Day 6, we will tour the Tower of London and attend an evening theater performance. Day 7, we will visit Bletchley Park and have a self-guided visit to the National Museum of Computing. Day 8, we will take a boat trip from Westminster to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory. Day 9, we will transfer to the London station and board the Eurostar train to Paris. Day 10, we will transfer into the city for a walking tour led by the tour director to see the Louvre and Notre Dame. Day 11, we will transfer to the Paris Airport for our flight home! I look forward to visiting different places and exploring the different foods in London and Paris!