Ms. Mattie Caldwell

Senior Spotlight 5/24

Story by: Sylvanie JohnsonStudent Journalist

Ms. Mattie Caldwell was born on April 5, 1949. She is 69 years of age. Ms. Caldwell is well known throughout the Winnsboro community, where she has lived since the 1950’s. Her love flows abundantly within her community and is often shown through the dedication and adoration she pours unto the children, as well as adults in Fairfield. Ms. Caldwell is also well known for the ownership of her own daycare. She has a way with children that is indescribable. Her most intriguing quality is the fact that she is able to connect with the children and provide a safe haven to protect and care for them as much as their parents would do. She reassures parents who are afraid to trust someone else with their little bundle of joy. In fact, she has been in the business of childcare for sixteen years. She is able to understand children from many backgrounds. It would be an understatement to say that Ms. Caldwell has made a massive impact on the children of our community.

It is widely known throughout the community that Ms. Caldwell is highly respected and trustworthy. She attends Spiritual Way Church of God, and makes a tremendous effort to participate in multiple activities. Ms. Caldwell is the current president for the Usher Board. She teaches children bible studies and hosts singing classes at church. She is also a prayer warrior. Outside of church, Ms. Caldwell contributes to community by making donations to a fund that provides five high school students with the opportunity to inherit $500 in aid of academic or personal expenses. There is never a dull moment with her and she never seizes to offer her help. Ms. Caldwell leaves a touch of kindness everywhere she goes.