Fairfield County Adult Education Student Earns a Platinum WIN Credential

Story by: Dr. Lanisha TindallDirector of Adult Education
Pictured: Eddie Hunt (Left), Bettey Jeter (Right)

Eddie Hunt, Fairfield County Adult Education student, has earned the highest score possible on the WIN Ready to Work (R2W) Career Readiness Assessment: Platinum Level 6. Platinum scores are extremely rare across the state as the assessment is extremely difficult. As noted on the South Carolina Department of Education’s website, “The R2W assessments provide a customized credential that students can add to their portfolio. The credential shows the degree to which students have mastered the skills and their level of accomplishment.” There are four components of the assessment and four possible levels that can be earned: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Students who earn the Platinum Credential are ready for 99% of jobs in the workforce such as Architect, Anesthesiologist, Agricultural Engineer, and Chemist. Ms. Bettye Jeter, Fairfield County Adult Education WIN Instructor, has administered the WIN and WorkKeys Assessment (its previous name) for the last 15 years. To her recollection, Eddie is the only student in our program to have earned a Platinum score! We are extremely proud of Eddie and this exceptional accomplishment. Dr. LaNisha Tindal, Adult Education Director, states, “Eddie has set the bar high and is now a WIN trailblazer for our program. We know just how academically gifted our students are. Eddie has now shown the entire state what we already knew. It is my hope that other students recognize that Platinum level is indeed attainable and work more diligently to achieve the level as well.”