Fathers Day Spotlight

The History of Father's Day

Story by: Trenell BoydJournalist

Every year on the third Sunday of June, fathers all across the nation are honored and celebrated for their paternal bonds that are shared with their children. For some, it brings a sense of anger, for some it brings sadness, and for some it brings joy. The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 only in the state of Washington. It was not until the year of 1972 when Father’s Day became a nationwide celebratory holiday. In the year of 1908, an event was held at a West Virginia Church in honor of the 362 men, who are now deceased due to the previous December’s explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company Mine in Monongah. Although, it was not until a woman by the name of Sonora Dobb from Spokane, Washington went all over Washington from school, to churches, to government buildings with the thought of establishing a day for fathers equivalent to Mother’s Day. It was not long after, Washington celebrated their first state-wide Father’s Day in 1910. Now, this is an everlasting holiday that is celebrated world wide, giving fathers the sense of knowing they are appreciated for the blessing they give to their children.

Story by: Graeme DouglasFairfield Magnet School

My dad is amazing

My dad is amazing. His name is Jarrett. He is nice, funny, smart, and many other

things. He is my best friend. My dad cooks. He takes out the trash. He cuts the grass,

and washes the cars. My dad is not just a hero for me, but he is a local hero as well.

He works for the Sheriff ’s Office in Fairfield County. My dad is also the coach of

my baseball team. He plays a lot of games and sports with my brother and me, such

as football, baseball, and basketball. My dad takes my family on fun trips that may

include the movies, Dominican Republic, Disney World, the Plex, and sports games.

Just a few days ago, my dad took my family to the movies to see Avengers: Endgame.

He also took my family to Hilton Head Island a few weeks ago. As you can tell my

dad is cool, hardworking, and amazing. I am sure that your dad has done a lot not

just for you, but for your family too. I am sure he has helped you in many different

ways, from playing sports, to math. Can you just do me one favor when you see your

dad, please tell him “Thank you for all he has done.” That is all I ask from you. That’s

my dad! Jarrett! #myhero

Story by: Jameria AndersonFairfield Magnet School

My dad is astounding

My dad is astounding. He is the most incredible person in the world. I will always

know that he will be by my side no matter what. He’s been there for me in my saddest

and happiest moments. My dad is very amusing even when he tells his dad’s jokes

#corney. I am glad to have my dad, because he is the dad that will be there for me and

not everyone has that honor and love. Daddy this is something I will never take for

granted. No one is perfect, but to me, my dad is the most perfect person. The older I

get the more I learn to appreciate the little things he does. He is the most protective

dad which is something I love because it shows me that I’m safe. He teaches me new

things every day which in the near future will become valuable. He shows me every

day how much he loves me. There isn’t a day that he hasn’t shown love, because he

wants me to know that I’m loved and cared for. My dad also encourages me to do

what I love. He also tells me that “life is a roller coaster and you will face challenges

but you are not alone.” My dad also shows me how to become a better person and he

shows me other ways to look at life. He also says things I don’t understand, but as I

grow I’ve learned why he says the things he says and why he does the things he does.

My dad also shows me how to respect others in the same way I want to be respected.

So that’s my dad! Steven White! #myhero.

Story by: Nicole DavisFairfield Magnet School

My dad is my hero

My dad is my hero. What makes him different from the other dads is he’s my dad.

He’s the guy that makes me happy when I feel sad. He was the first guy I saw and

loved. My dad was the one that rocked me to sleep and checked under my bed for

monsters when I was feeling scared. I am very fortunate to have him in my life. My

dad is not only my hero, but he is your hero too. He is one of this country’s fighters

#USMarine. He participated in the Iraq War, truly making him a brave hero. Although

my dad may do a lot of the things that your dad does, he is still different from

yours. He is doing these things to make me happy. Without my dad who would tell

me I can do it? Don’t give up! I love you! Although your mother could tell you all

those things too, they don’t always feel the same. I know it doesn’t feel the same for

me. My dad does a lot for me and sometimes it’s not the big things, like buying me a

brand new bike and teaching me how to ride it or buying me a new pair shoes. It’s the

little things, like giving me a hug when I’m feeling down or tying my shoe so I won’t

fall. Then, when I do fall, making sure I’m okay and putting on a band-aid. My dad

is my hero. He will always love me unconditionally. A dad’s love is unencumbered.

That’s my dad! Al Davis! #myhero.