Story by: Sammie RobinsonStudent Journalist

Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (such as one with a labor union). Th is is the lowest amount of pay that a worker can receive. Minimum wage for the state South Carolina is $7.25. Perhaps, minimum wage should increase to at least $15 per hour. Some believe that if minimum wage increased, it would cause infl ation. Prices on many commodities are rising. Many factors are contributing to the current rise in gas prices. Currently, President Trump’s decided to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Th is withdrawal, and the ensuing sanctions, may limit the country’s oil exports by as much as 10% to 15%, according to Th e New York Times. Also, the political and social crisis in Venezuela, the world’s fi ft h-largest oil producer, has contributed to the gas price increase. Th e chaos in the country has resulted in a steady decline in oil production and exports. Th e summer is the busiest driving season. People take their families on road trips and family visits. Th is increased demand for gas leads to higher prices for everyone. Th e demand of gas will cause gas prices to rise. How will people in South Carolina aff ord these gas prices that is almost half of the minimum wage? In the year 2017, the average price of a gallon of gas was $2.49.Th e average cost of a gallon of gas was $2.79 in 2018. It is now 2019, and the prices will steadily increase. Gas is only one reason why the price of the minimum wage should increase. According to the US Education and Labor Committee, “Th e real value of the federal minimum wage has declined 24 percent since 1968. Today, the federal minimum of $7.25 leaves an adult with two children thousands of dollars below the federal poverty threshold.” Th is is unacceptable! Th ere are many people living in poverty.