Goodbye Beloved Barn Express

Store front of barn express
Story by: Mysia Wynn-RobinsonContributor

The end of an era has come, as we say goodbye to one of the main attractions in Fairfield County, Barn Express. The infamous “mom n’ pop” establishment has been permanently closed for reasons unknown. With what was once the sight of a packed parking lot and the smell of fresh fried chicken in the air, now is an empty lot accompanied by a for sale sign in the front window. For years Barn Express has been the go-to restaurant when you are looking for that good ole home cooked meal, or simply an after church service dinner when you do not want the hassle of cooking yourself. A family friendly establishment, Barn Express, affectionately called, “The Barn,” has grown with the Town of Winnsboro and has continuously bought that sense of home to the community. The Barn was open seven days a week, with a daily and most definitely flavorful menu that was sure to knock you off your feet. Although saddened, the citizens of Winnsboro and visitors thank Barn Express for the stake they planted and the countless times that it has saved the day with its great food and service. Barn Express will truly be missed in Fairfield County.