One Day Revival

One Day revival

Mother Nature may have caused a change in location for the communitywide One Day Revival; however, the spirit of praise and worship was on full display. Although originally scheduled to occur on Cemetery Street, the revival took place at Calvary Presbyterian Church due to the threat of inclement weather. Shiloh First Presbyterian, Sion Presbyterian, and Blackjack Baptist collaborated to sponsor the service. The Old Testament Scripture was read by Mrs. Teresa Reed, Certified Lay-Pastor of Sion Presbyterian, and the New Testament Scripture was read by Reverend Rebekah Carpenter, Pastor of Sion Presbyterian. The prayer was delivered by Dr. Preston M. Harrison, Senior Pastor of Blackjack Baptist Church.

Dr. Robert M. Scotland, Pastor of Shiloh First Presbyterian, shared a riveting message grounded in the understanding that Christians are called to befriend sinners, just as Jesus broke bread with sinners. He reminded those in attendance that just as a shepherd would leave his 99 sheep to find the one that is lost, so must believers be committed to find all of God’s children who may have gone astray. Dr. Scotland led all in attendance with the closing hymn, “I’m So Glad Jesus Lifted Me.” Revival attendees fellowshipped on Cemetery Street at the conclusion of the service by doing a fish fry--sponsored by the men of Shiloh First Presbyterian Church.