Fairfield County District Honors Chorus

Bella! Magnifico!

Story by: Amari HillStaff Journalist

Over the past week, Fairfield County School District Honors Chorus traveled to Italy to showcase their musical talents to the world. While in Italy, they visited beautiful and historical locations, such as the Vatican and the Leaning Tower of Pisa; however, that was just one part of the trip. The main reason they were there was to showcase just how much Fairfield County had to offer, and they certainly impressed! Th e Honors Chorus won first place in a plethora of events including Best Male Choir Member, First Prize in Sacred Music, and First Prize in Mixed Youth Chorus. Due to their success in Italy, they could not go anywhere without performing for people at least once! Although there may have been a language barrier, that did not stop people from enjoying the extraordinary voices of our Fairfield students. Way to go!