Jean Masdonati

Senior Spotlight

Story by: Amari HillContributor

Mrs. Jean Masdonati, from Upstate New York and New Jersey, has been teaching math for over 40 years. Mrs. Masdonati has been teaching at Fairfield Central since Fall of 2014 and has changed how individuals, including me, see work ethic.

When I asked Mrs. Masdonati what she likes most about working at Fairfield Central, she said, “the sense of community,” because it makes the school feel like home. Mrs. Masdonati feels that her love for teaching--and specifically her love for Math--makes her unique because she is a “lifelong learner”. In her free time, Mrs. Masdonati likes to spend time with her family, whether it be taking trips across the country or going to ball games with her husband.

Furthermore, I asked Mrs. Masdonati to describe her current view of our world. “I love America and I’m a proud American; however, when it comes to the current administration, I have trouble understanding why they are locking people in cages without their basic needs.” Although Mrs. Masdonati worries about America under the control of this administration, she believes that as Americans we can overcome this and be better because of it. All in all, Mrs. Masdonati wants to be remembered as “everything but ordinary-- because ordinary is just boring.”