Sowing Good Seeds in the County!

Story by: Maddie HibbsContributor
Seed Library

The Seed Library, a new, long-term program at the Fairfield County Library, is a community-based, "take one, leave one" catalog of seeds. Housed in a card catalog in the front lobby, community members are free to come in and take any number of seeds to plant in their gardens. There are many different types of seeds available, from fruits vegetables to herbs and flowers. Once the plants have been harvested, members are asked to bring seeds back to the library for other members to use!

To use the Seed Library, go to the Fairfield County Library's front lobby. Each spot in the catalog is clearly labeled with the seeds that are housed there. Take a small envelope of seeds and use the provided marker to write the name of the seed down so you won't forget. You are also welcome to take a set of instructions on how to cultivate the seeds in your own garden. If you wish to donate seeds, or if you have any questions, please call Maddie Hibbs at 803.635.7715.