Honors Chorus

There's More: Fairfield Meets Italy!

Story By: Krishayla and Trenell BoydStudent Journalists

As reported in a previous issue, the Fairfield District Honors Chorus began their one week journey to Italy on June 29th. Over the course of their next few days, they were able to visit several cities, such as Sienna. They also experienced the gladiators and Roman gods in the Colosseum in Rome and the iconic paintings of the Sistine Chapel, not to mention the Spanish Steps (Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti) and the Pantheon. According to Alica Graham, “The culture experienced has been educational, but most of all inspiring.” The District Honors Chorus sang for Mass at the Basilica S. Maria Maggiore in Florence, along with other outstanding performances in Pisa, Sienna, and Rome. We are very proud of our Fairfield family for their exceptional accomplishments! Here are a few perspectives from individuals who experienced Italy:

JaNiya Coleman, a student at Fairfield Central High School, says that what she enjoyed most about the trip was “The scenery and landmarks, like the Colosseum and The Leaning Tower [of Pisa].” When tasting the different food items in Italy, Janiya expressed, “The pasta was sometimes hard and wasn't what they were used to. Other times, it was soft and delicious.” They also ate other things such as breadsticks and pizza. According to JaNiya, “The pizza didn't look like the kind we have in America. It wasn't too appealing.” Something that was unexpected to JaNiya was the water, the ice, and the weather. JaNiya says that the water had an unusual taste and the restaurants don’t use ice in the same way Americans do--you had to make a special request for ice if you wanted it. Overall, JaNiya really enjoyed her trip to Italy, other than the 100-degree weather and all the walking. “Traveling to Italy was a great experience,and I think I would probably go back one day, just not necessarily in the summer,”Janiya said.

After interviewing with Ms. Sylvia Harrison, she says that she is thankful for being able to experience the amazing opportunity to travel to Italy. Among all the different food choices in Italy, Ms. Sylvia says her favorite food item was the fruit, “because it cooled me down while walking in the 100-degree weather.” Every place they went, the majority of the time they had to walk. One day out of the week, Miss Kayla Pickett tracked their steps and they had walked 20,000 steps! From the amount of walking they did each day, Ms. Sylvia believes she could walk from Fairfield Central High School all the way downtown. Ms. Sylvia says her favorite memory is when they were touring inside a Catholic church and their tour guide asked the kids to sing a song. They decided to sing, “The Colour of Love,” and when they did everybody stopped what they were doing and started videoing. Ms. Sylvia said there was also a lady who started crying saying, “The kids touched [her] heart.” Overall, the only thing Ms. Sylvia disliked was the heat and humidity. She says, “It was too much to handle. The walking was fine but the heat was terrible.”

Chorus director Ms. Alicia Graham says that this was a great trip and an amazing opportunity. Although there were many unique foods in Italy, her favorite was the gelato. She says that it definitely cooled her down in the 102-degree weather and from walking about 20-25 miles each day. With all the great accomplishments from the Fairfield District Honors Chorus, Ms. Graham says her favorite memory was when they performed in Florence, Italy. They even asked them to perform another song, but because the crowd was so exuberant in their clapping, she had to wait for a while to announce the name of the song. Overall, there was nothing that she disliked--besides the walking--which, of course was something that could not be controlled. Ms. Graham also shared that Alex Boyd received a special award for showing great Griffin Pride through his manners and attitude. Ms. Graham shares with the youth of today, “Attitudes can take you places money can’t, and always remember that anything you set your mind to, you can do it!” The most important thing Ms. Graham wants each student from the trip to have is great appreciation for going to other countries, experiencing new things, and performing for other countries. She is thankful for Dr. J.R. Green, the Board of Trustees, and everyone else in Fairfield County for the monetary assistance, encouragement, and prayers. “None of this would have been possible without them,” exclaimed Ms. Graham.