Story by: Trenell and Krishayla BoydJournalist

Our Very Own Mr. Hall

Well-known custodian and friend, Preston Hall, better known as "Tyrone," has been a part of Fairfield Central High School for 6 years. In 1980, when Hall was 15 years old, he became a janitor--making $5.50/hr. According to Preston, he took on the challenge of becoming a custodian to prove that women are not the only ones who can clean. Hall says his favorite part about the school is cleaning and conversing with students. Mr. Preston has had some good experiences and some bad experiences working in this field. One of the bad experiences is when kids spill things on the floor and think it’s okay because they know it’s the custodian job to clean it up. Hall believes you should be humble when coming to work because you never know what awaits you for that day. Although there have been times when his patience has been tested, he has learned to stay strong. He also believes that it is best to step around a problem and ignore ignorance. Some advice Mr. Hall would like to give to today’s generation is to “Get your education and do not let anyone tell you what you cannot do. Lastly, do not ever say you won’t be a janitor, because you never know what God has in store for you.”