4-H Chef

Bon Appétit!

Story By: Gerell LawhorneStaff Journalist

Fairfield County 4-H recently hosted their first Cooking Like a Chef Camp from July 22nd to July 25th. Th ere were over 20 participants for the camp. Petyon Swilley, one of the 4-H chefs exclaimed, “It feels good to attend this camp. I enjoy watching Ms. Reid instructing us on how to cook the meals. If I could do this camp again, I would.” Jennifer Stevens, the 4-H Agent for Fairfield stated, “Th is camp is a nutritional program created by Clemson University to help students gain interest in culinary arts, try new things, and learn about the culture of other countries. Th is program is not just something that is offered to 4-H students here, but everywhere in the state of South Carolina.”

After speaking to Patti Reid, Culinary Instructor at Fairfield Career and Technology Center, she shared with me the meals from each day: “On Monday we cooked Native American style food, Tuesday was Asian food, on Wednesday we cooked African food, and for the final day, Latino food.”

The camp is for young scholars that are between the ages of 9 and 15. Registration is held every year between April and May. A small fee is involved; however, the leaders of the camp do the best they can to make it affordable to all children.

For anyone interested in joining 4-H or to find out more information, contact Jennifer Stevens by email at jstvns@clemson.edu.