Senior Spotlight 8/30

Senior Spotlight 8/30

Story by: Trenell Boyd

Student Journalist

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ms. J. Reneé Green moved to South Carolina in 1986 and became the caretaker of her grandfather’s land. He wanted a relative to take over his land and she promised that when the time came, she would do it. She has been living in Lake Wateree area ever since, and it is where she “enjoys her peace and quietness.”

Ms. Green attended West Virginia State University and majored in Intellectually Delayed K-12, which led to getting her Master’s in Emotionally and Socially Deviant Behaviors. Her favorite subjects in high school were Consumer Science and Biology.

Ms. Green has many passions, such as teaching special education and recycling. She believes that special needs students need more exposure to real world scenarios and she strives to increase their understanding and social skills. According to Ms.Green, “You have to have social skills to be successful, and it helps with improving your own self-help skills.” Along with teaching, she has a passion for Special Olympics and has been the Special Olympics coordinator for Fairfield County School District for over 10 years. She also encourages everyone to recycle in order to make this planet a better place. She even wrote an initiative for Fairfield County School District pertaining to recycling. As expressed by Ms. Green, “Disposable diapers take about 100 years to decompose. Anybody who has used or uses disposable diapers should be recycling.”

Ms. Green has been a well-known role model in the Fairfield community since 1989. She has been teaching for 35 years and has been teaching at Fairfield Central High school for over 25 years. She says, “I am now starting to meet the children of students who have previously went to Fairfield Central.” Ms. Green is also a volunteer firefighter. She loves to be physically involved with the community by being a part of the executive committee for Fairfield County’s NAACP and an advisor for the youth council for the NAACP.

In her free time, Ms. Green’s favorite thing to do is visiting her family and traveling to places to try different foods. Ms. Green says, “If I see a new food that I want to try on the food channel, and it’s within a two hour radius, I’ll go visit just to try the different foods.” Ms. Green is a family person and because she does not have family in South Carolina, she goes to visit her family in Pittsburgh for most holidays. When she is able to see her children and family it brings joy to her heart. The most important thing that her mom taught her growing up was self respect, because if you do not have respect for yourself, why would anyone else value you? According to Ms. Green, her mom always said “Your looks fade, but your mind grows.” If she had the chance to give advice to today’s generation, it would be the same advice she gives her daughter: “Pay attention to what’s going on, listen to what people are saying, and know who your real friends are.”