Yondr Comes to FCSD

Story by: Tierra Thomas

Student Journalist

So what are Yondr cases? Yondr is a patented system to create phone-free spaces for artists, educators, organizations, and individuals. For students at Fairfield Middle School (FMS), Fairfield Central High School (FCHS), and Fairfield Career and Technology Center, this system began last Friday.

How do you use Yondr? As students enter the classroom, their phones will be placed in a Yondr case. Once the phone is inside the case, students close it and the case magnetically locks--similar to retail sensors in many department stores. Students’ phones are not taken away from them; instead, they are able to keep the phone in their possession during the entirety of class--whether they choose to keep the case on their desk or in a book bag. At the end of class, the cases are opened using the unlocking base, and students exit with their phones.

Most students do not like the idea of their phones being put in the Yondr cases. Cayla Windham says, “I feel that not only will it not work at this school, but also the phones will get stuck in the case and take up unnecessary time, especially for the students who have quite a distance to walk.” However, some students are fine with the idea of the Yondr cases. Da’Jiaunna Coleman expresses, “I believe that the Yondr pouches will make us a tighter unit as a school. The Yondr pouches will have a positive effect on the school.”

Not surprisingly, all of the teachers are fine with the Yonder cases because of the redirected focus on instruction in the classroom. Here are some of their responses:

“The cases help me to not worry if my students are on task. Having them allows me to focus solely on the lessons I have planned. Even the students understand the importance of the cases, so it hasn't been a big deal. Students know what is expected of them.”-- Mr. Steven Samuel, Social Studies teacher at FMS

“They have been working wonders in my class! The children have no choice but to focus on what is being taught. The Yondr cases are a blessing and they certainly contribute to better behavior as well!” --Mr. Byron Dixon, Chorus Director at FCHS

“I am very grateful that the Yondr cases are actually making my students re-consider the possible addiction they have to their phones. Some of them have expressed that they do feel somewhat guilty about the things and people they ignore while they have access to their phones.” -- Ms. Felicia Chisholm, English Language Arts and Journalism teacher at FCHS

"It forces our students to think more in depth! It's awesome!" -- Ms. Mary Allcorn, Spanish teacher at FCHS "It really is excellent for me! The students are picking up the cases and putting the phones in them on their own. It is very good!" -- Mrs. Lakshmi Arava, Biology teacher at FCHS

"Yondr has taken the educational process and placed it firmly back into the hands of the teacher." -- Ms. Jade Jackson, English Language Arts teacher at FMS

"I'm overjoyed that our principal, Mrs. Swilley, got the pouches for our school! Our students have such a short attention span because of technology, and they don't talk to each other anymore. I am so happy that we get the privilege to help our young people work on their ability to concentrate. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and each other to treat technology with the respect and caution it requires." -- Ms. Christine Shirley, English Language Arts teacher at FCHS.

The Yondr cases are not just for use in schools. They are being used in the court system, concerts, comedy shows, and even special events like weddings, retreats, and conferences--so maybe you can make use of them for your own purposes! To learn more information about Yondr cases, visit overyondr.com.