Mr. Bill Durham

Senior Spotlight

Story By: Krishayla BoydStudent Journalist

Mr. Bill Durham was born on July 27, 1937, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has four children: Audrey, Billy, Chris, and Dee Dee. He also has nine marvelous grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Mr. Durham lives in the Winnsboro community, where he has lived for 15 years. He attended high school in Topia, Japan and graduated from USC where he majored in business.

Mr. Durham believes doing the will of God gives his life purpose. He feels that his greatest accomplishment is his children. “I have four children who are all successful and I couldn ́t be more proud,” he expressed. His daughters Audrey and Dee Dee are nurses. His son, Chris, is an electrical technician, and his other son, Billy, is a general contractor and professional cabinet maker. When asked about his view of our current world, he started giggling and stated, “We’re in bad shape. In order for us to survive, our leaders must join together and work hand-in-hand with each other and quit fighting.”

Mr. Durham feels that two of the most life-changing events in his life are when he found out he had cancer and going through divorce. When asked is there any difference between what matters most to him now and what mattered 30 years ago, he stated that back then he did not have the same view about God, and now he loves the word of God at his church, Washington Street Baptist Church.

Some advice he would like share with the younger generation is to "go to school and get your education, obey the laws, and go to church to praise God." Lastly, when asked how he wants to be remembered, one of his friends that was standing nearby joyfully interjected and said he will be remembered as kindhearted, happy, and will do anything for you if you need help. Mr. Durham stated that he wants to be remembered as “A kind, generous Christian.”