Mr. bairefoot

Senior Spotlight

Story by: Elijah Davis

Student Journalist

Mr. Bairefoot is 83 years old and has lived in Winnsboro all his life. He relishes his time on Earth by enjoying every second of it. He is a familiar face, as you may have seen him around McDonald's or at the truck stop.

He has raised many children and grandchildren and still enjoys their company. Mr. Bairefoot also enjoys spending time with other seniors. He spends much of his time thinking about things he has or hasn’t done over the years.

Mr. Bairefoot worked in a mill for 45 years, and he has also learned to do a number of other things--such as cooking, truck driving, and working on things that pertain to mechanics. He enjoys being a hard-working community member by growing and selling produce at the Strawberry Patch.

When asked what he thinks about the condition of the world today, he responded, It's in bad shape." However, he referenced a chapter in the Bible to provide a sense of hope.

Mr. Bairefoot expressed that some of his favorite childhood memories are those he spent with friends. His advice for today’s generation is “Straighten your lives up” and “Enjoy what you do...”