The Fairfield Post.... Who Are We?

Within the walls of Fairfield Central High School, there has been a lot of new buzz. As the second semester arrived, so has a new journalism class. You may be asking, “What purpose would this journalism class serve?” The class at Fairfield Central High School will be paired with students from Richard Winn Academy and The Barclay School. Altogether, the students have created a local newspaper. The Fairfield Post will cover local and national stories while encouraging increased while encouraging increased community involvement from the students. The goal of this class is to innovate and revitalize the meaning of a newspaper. Dr. J.R. Green, Superintendent of Schools, Fairfield County School District stated, “I’m hopeful. We are attempting to bridge divides, but I hope that students would be able to provide coverage of stories at county schools. I am also hopeful that we are able to get to a whole new level of collaboration.” This newspaper will not only serve the community, it is also centered around bridging that gap that has been created between local schools. When asked his opinion about The Fairfield Post being written by students, Dr. Green shared that it will provide a student’s perspective on topics and issues. He is curious to see how students will use The Fairfield Post to have their voice heard. In an interview with Mrs. Tracie Swilley, Principal of Fairfield Central High School, she expressed her thoughts on the class and paper stating, “That’s part of my leadership style. I love to empower kids to take the opportunity and run with it.” This is exactly what has taken place within the class since the very first day.

Students of the class have been eager to get their writing pieces out into the community. Swilley also stated she is anxious to see how her students can build their networking and writing skills from the class.

There seems to be a common feeling within the community that since we do not have a newspaper that is dedicated to Fairfield County, we miss out on news that occurs within our community. The Fairfield Post is a weekly publication that will be available to the community on Fridays at various locations. Story ideas can be sent to