The Miss RWA Pageant

Zoe MitsakosStudent Journalist

The Miss RWA Pageant is a pageant open to high school girls at Richard Winn Academy. It will take place on March 16th from 6pm to 8pm at Richard Winn and is open to any girls in ninth through twelfth grade. There is also a Little Miss and Junior Miss for elementary and middle school, respectively. The pageant is a fundraiser for the junior class to help pay for prom. Mrs. Coleman, who sponsored the pageant, has been encouraging all the high school girls to sign up and many are eager to join.

The Miss RWA pageant has been a long-standing tradition at Richard Winn. Digging through old yearbooks, one can find that the pageant can be found as far back as 1972. Throughout the years, it has changed immensely. It was originally sponsored by the Aerie club, to raise money. Now it is a fundraiser for the junior class to help pay for prom. There has not always been a pageant, some years participation was too low, but this year it has been brought back. The categories contestants participate in have also changed. Some years there was a talent portion, and some years had an onstage interview. Other categories have also come and gone throughout the history of the Miss RWA Pageant.

For the Miss RWA Pageant, there are two required categories: Formal Wear, and Interview. This year there is a new required category, Theme Wear. There are also three optional categories that contestants may choose to participate in: Best in Class, Community Service, and Miss Congeniality. Best in class is an academic award, and girls who choose to take part in this category must have two letters of recommendation. Community service is an award for serving others in the community. Miss Congeniality is an award that is voted on by the other contestants based on personality. Altogether there are a total of five awards that will be given out.

Despite the various changes the Miss RWA Pageant has gone through in the many years it has been going on, it is still a big event at Richard Winn, and one of Richard Winn’s longest traditions. It has been around for many years and will probably be around for many more to come. We look forward to this exciting event at RWA.