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“Spiritual” Week at Richard Winn Academy

Story by: Rayne Williams Student Journalist

Former chaplain of the USC football team, Adrian Despres, came to Richard Winn Acadmy (RWA) during the first full week of the new year to speak out about God and faith. On January 7th through 11th, Adrian Depres spoke about God and how to become a better Christian. Despres held five early chapels for grades seventh to twelfth and spoke about many passionate things. On Wednesday, January 9th, he held a chapel on four chairs. Four chairs may seem boring to some, but this message was incredibly hard-hitting to many RWA students. Many students had their own individual spiritual awakening after this chapel, many students hugged one another as they cried throughout the emotional moment. Now many students aspire to be in what Despres called the “first chair,” the chair closest to God and the best way to love and follow Christ. Throughout the week the students found out many things about Despres, his habits and his sayings became a thing around Richard Winn. How he would say begin each chapel with describing his wife, Lisa, and calling her a “righteous fox cha-ching.” He also frequently said “Who’s your daddy” and “You’re killing me smalls,” these few things became known around the school throughout the few days Despres spoke out about God. Students also found out that Adrian Despres played football at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. After becoming a Christian while playing football at the university, he become the Chaplain from 2000 to 2015 at the University of South Carolina. Despres told the students many stories from his life and in the end, the students could say they made it to the first chair. From January 7th to 11th the school became closer to God with Adrian Despres’ help. The students can all thank Adrian Despres to helping bring them all closer to God.