The Teacher Cadet Program

Shar’Quita DubardStudent Journalist

At Fairfield Central High School, our mission is to provide quality teaching and learning every day for every student. The Teacher Cadet Program helps students strive for greatness and shapes them to be driven leaders. This program also participates in many community service projects in Fairfield County where they display Griffin Pride. The Teacher Cadets at Fairfield Central High School travels to the Fairfield Middle School, Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science, and other schools in the district to be teachers for a designated time slot. Supervisor, Mr. Hare, encourages his students not to give up on education no matter how hard it gets. Behind all the extensive essays and rigorous coursework, the Teacher Cadet Program is more than a program, it’s a calling. This past week, the teacher cadets hosted a Chalk-Walk event. This event is to help give scholarships to our cadets and gives the students an opportunity to showcase how well they work in the classroom. This event was a school coordinated event with food and games. The Teacher Cadet Program is a nationwide initiative that gives students a chance to experience being a teacher. At Fairfield Central High School, our Teacher Cadet Program is partnered with Winthrop University and students have the opportunity to earn three hours of college credit.