Working in Unity

The Blair Coalition of Churches hosted this year’s Fourteenth Family Day and Parade on April 27, 2019. The annual celebration jump started with a lovely car and bike show. This also included a performance by our very own, Griffin Marching Band. Everyone made it their priority to arrive on time so that they could sit back, open a can of soda, and socialize with fellow community members. All eight churches in Blair, along with one church in Jenkinsville, came together and worked in unity to make that day a special day for both adults and their children. This Blair Day was dedicated to the memory of John Peoples, who was instrumental in launching the event. Children were free to run, laugh, and play on bounce houses while the adults had the chance to eat, socialize, and see people they probably haven’t seen in years. Senator Mike Fanning also made a special appearance to the festivity and made contributions. All in all, the community event was successful in terms of participation, as well as enjoyment for everyone.

Blair Day Parade
Fanning and Green