Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce Visits State House 

Michael Fanning, Ph.D.

Senator, District 17

  A great group of Fairfield County business leaders and Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce  (FCCC) traveled to our State Capitol on May 2nd for a behind-the-scenes view of how our government works.

  We began the morning in our Senate Office Conference Room for a legislative update and an overview,  while discussing the state budget, the $1.8 billion Treasurer’s Office fiasco, and all the bills passed/not-passed this legislative session.

   Later, FCCC joined the Senate Fish, Game, & Forestry Committee meeting where we discussed turkey, captive wildlife, and dog collars. We enjoyed lunch upstairs with Senate President, Thomas Alexander.  We discussed the rules of the Senate, the importance of putting partisanship aside, and working across the aisle to improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians. 

   After lunch was our meeting with Governor Henry McMaster and a tour of the Senate Chamber while conversing about how a bill becomes a law and how the Senate's 'rules of debate' function in an actual debate on the Senate floor. Thank you to Senator Shane Martin (R- Spartanburg) for taking time to talk with us and share  stories that made the experience and lessons more real!

Our Chamber group and business leaders also enjoyed time with lobbyists, and we concluded our day by introducing everyone to the full Senate witnessing the Senate debate.

 To Fairfield County's Chamber President, Dillon Pullen, thank you for your leadership and providing opportunities for citizens to experience amazing things while supporting local small businesses throughout Fairfield County. Overall, the day was a huge success because there was so much to listen to and learn!