Senior Spotlight 5/10/19

Shirley Greene

Shirley Greene, born and reared in Blair, South Carolina, is a very active senior in her family, her local community, and Fairfield County. She graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mrs. Greene currently serves as the secretary of the Blair Coalition of Churches, which is composed of eight churches. The Coalition strives to provide community-based activities and scholarships for the citizens of Blair. She enjoys being with her family and taking care of grand-children. In her spare time, Mrs. Greene treasures her garden as she works to grow flowers such as roses and elephants ears, and making fancy flower pots to put on her patio for decorations. Along with other outside activities, she also enjoys exercising because she says, “it is an important aspect of your health and it helps relax your mind”. Mrs. Greene attributes her great accomplishments to having teachers at McCrorey-Liston that inspired and encouraged her, and helped her find her way to success. Throughout her life experiences, her advice to children is to “stay focused on education and set goals for yourself throughout the school”. One of the best ways she believes to accomplish this is to stop harping on the negativity and instead focus on the positive outlooks of the school.