FCHS Jumbotron

Fairfield Central plans major renovations

Story by: Gerell Lawhorne, Krishayla Boyd, and Jordan DoveStudent Journalists

There are many improvements being made at Fairfield Central High School (FCHS), specifically to the athletic facilities. During this year, our athletic facilities have received a major overhaul with more to come. We interviewed FCHS Principal, Tracie Swilley and Athletic Director, Terrell Roach, about the projects occurring at FCHS.

In 2018, FCHS began making major renovations to help beautify the campus and provide better facilities for students and athletes. On October 19, 2018, Fairfield Central High School held the grand opening of the new athletic field house. The field house is located directly behind Fairfield Career and Technology Center, beside the football stadium. “The field house may be located beside the football field, but just because it is doesn’t mean that it’s just for football,” says Swilley. Roach expressed “when building a field house you need to accommodate more than one sport.” Swilley confirmed that the field house includes other sports such as girls and boys soccer, softball, tennis, visiting team locker rooms, training room, changing rooms for referees, and a concession stand. The field house also has a state-of-the-art weight room which has been equipped on the collegiate level to mirror equipment being used at the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. The old weight room will be converted into a new dance studio and the locker rooms will also receive upgrades for our track and cross country athletes. Currently, the football stadium is undergoing updates. The football stadium has a new jumbotron, that will be used for all sports that utilize the field and also for other school events such as graduation. The field being converted to turf. Coach Roach indicated the need came as a result of many teams utilizing one field, maintenance and upkeep became difficult.

Swilley and Roach also stated that this summer the gymnasium will receive new bleachers, new paint, and improved flooring. The baseball field now has a new scoreboard. Additional upgrades are being recommended to continue growth and opportunity for all sports programs. With the support of Fairfield County Schools Superintendent, Dr. J.R. Green, and the Board of Trustees, we are able to complete capital projects. Finally, Mrs. Swilley stated upgrades and renovations are not contingent on the performance of a team, but the needs of the school.

Other renovations that have taken place are new LED lights and ceiling tiles in the basement and second floor, murals, a refurbished lecture hall, painted black and gold lockers, new school signage, new cafeteria tables, fencing, new doors, and new carpeting. Students at Fairfield Central are very blessed to have leaders such as Mrs. Swilley and Coach Roach. The students appreciate the renovations that have happened and the ones coming in the near future.